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Seven film children reunited in Salzburg

Ten Oscar nominations, five of which awarded in 1965 and for decades the most popular film in history: Today the Sound of Music still fills millions of people with enthusiasm and for 70% of the tourists from the USA and the Far East it is the main reason to visit Salzburg.

As well as Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, who played the captain Georg von Trapp and his second wife Maria Auguste, seven children are also enjoyed great success with the public. Unforgettable: "Gretl" Kym Gareth, "Martha" Debbie Turner, "Brigitta" Angela Cartwright, "Kurt" Duane Chase, "Lousia" Heather Menzies, "Friedrich" Nicholas Hammond and "Liesl" Charmian Carr - at that time "sixteen goin' on seventeen".

These seven children, meanwhile in the prime of their lives, returned to Salzburg from 31st October through to 7th November 2000. A British film crew of "Tyne Tees Television" recorded a documentary about the cinema success and its stars. Songs such as "The Hills Are Alive" were recorded again, and scenes at the original locations were played again. The documentary "After they were famous" reportet on the life stories of the seven former child actors and on their experiences and impressions during the filming in Salzburg all those years ago as well as its effects on their lives.

Want to know what film children do today?


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