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The Movie The Sound of MusicThe Book of "The Sound of Music"

It all started when Maria von Trapp decided to write a book about the adventurous life of the Trapp family. "The Story of The Trapp Family" was published in 1949 and it was not long before Hollywood wanted to buy the book title. As they only wanted to use the title without the story, however, Maria refused.



The Movie The Sound of MusicThe German films

Some years later, in 1956, Wolfgang Reinhardt (son of the famous stage director Max Reinhardt) made an offer of $ 10.000. By signing his offer, Maria unwillingly gave away all film rights (and the right to royalties). Not only did he make her believe she could not get any royalties from the German film - as she had meanwhile become an US-citizen - but he even phoned a few weeks later asking her to accept $ 9,000 in cash at once. Maria needed the money and accepted. "Die Trapp Familie" and it's sequel "Die Trapp Familie in Amerika" became a big success in Germany and later in Europe and South America.




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