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The Plot

Maria as nunMaria, a novice in a strict Salzburg Abbey, loves the majestic landscape of the Alps and often forgets about religious duties hiking on "her" hills. Mother Abbess, a very wise woman, thinks Maria might be better suited for life outside the convent and decides to send her to Captain von Trapp's villa to act as a governess for his seven children.



Sound of MusicUpon arriving at the villa, Maria is surprised at the military discipline in which the children are held by their father, a noble and widowed naval officer. She discovers she is the latest of many governessees that the children have already driven away. Maria takes a different approach to the children. Instead of educating them, she introduces music to their lives, teaching them how to sing and play and laugh - and so, is rewarded with the children's sympathy and love.



My favorite thingsA puppet show, staged by the children of their father, is the first step towards a blooming love between Maria and the Baron. Only a few days later, however, the Captain presents Baronesse Schroeder as his fiancée to his children. During a ball, the Captain and Maria stage a folklore dance for the audience and - while dancing - discover their feelings. Baronesse Schroeder encourages Maria to leave the Trapp Villa at once. She flees to the convent.



werfenThe children soon feel Maria's loss and think about ways to make her come back, while the captain decides to marry Baronesse Schroeder. Maria, back in the convent, confesses her love for the Captain and wise Mother Abbess makes her "Climb evr'y mountain" for her love. She hurries back to the Trapp Villa only to find the Captain set on the marriage. The Baronesse, however, recognises the true love between the Captain and Maria and leaves. Accompanied by seven children, Maria marries the man she loves in the Abbey where she had wanted to become a nun.



EdelweissFate strikes. When they return from their honeymoon, the Nazis have already occupied Austria. The captain plans to escape from forced naval service and sees his opportunity: The whole family takes part in a chorus festival at the Salzburg Festival Hall. Here is where the captain sings his "Edelweiss", a contribution to his beloved country-hours before leaving it forever. The von Trapps make a dramatic escape after hiding in the Abbey cemetery.



Final Sound of MusicThe final scene sees the Trapp family climbing the Alps to safely reach Italy - the dawn, symbolizing their new life ahead.



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