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Salzburg in the 17th centuryParis Graf Lodron - the "Father of the Fatherland"

Santino Solari also served during the rule of Archbishop Paris Graf Lodron (1619 - 1654) who ordered the architect to built fortification walls and gates. Salzburg not only had a fortress in those days - it was itself a fortress!
Thanks to this and to the archbishop's clever politics, Salzburg was kept out of the Thirty Years War.

Whereas Europe was shaken by this bloody clash in the 17th century, Salzburg remained an island of peace and shelter. That is why Paris Lodron is known of the "Father of the Fatherland" today.


Salzburgs famoust son MozartWolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the most famous Austrian of all time. 2006 was marked the 250th anniversary of his birth. Today Mozart, already famous in his lifetime, is regarded as the ultimate musical genius. He was a serious classical composer, yet he also penned catchy tunes, as he feted like one of today's international pop stars.

Mozart's music belongs to the whole world, but the big party on his 250th birthday was held in his home town of Salzburg, in Vienna he spent the last ten years of his life, and in many other parts of Austria that played a role in his musical career.



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