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Mirabell Garden Pegasus FountainMirabell Gardens

History: It's characteristic, large, symmetrical flower-beds make the Mirabell Gardens a good example of a typical baroque park. It was built in the 18th century following the plans of the famous architect Fischer von Erlach. Countless statues inspired by greek myths can be seen throughout the park, and it is centered by a big fountain.
Its four statues symbolize the four elements: fire, water, air and earth.
Mirabell Palace was built in 1606 by Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau. He named it "Altenau" for his mistress Salome Alt. She bore him at least ten children. Today, Mirabell Palace is seat of the city government.

The film: The "Do-Re-Mi" song began around 45 kilometres from Salzburg, but within 5 minutes and 33 seconds Maria and the children were dancing round the Pegasus fountain right in the Mirabell Gardens, jumping up and down the steps leading to the gardens and imitatin the statues at the old city end.


Residence Square SalzburgResidence Square

History: The Residence Square is the heart of the old city centre. The Glockenspiel with it's 35-bell chime overlooks the square. It was cast in Antwrp in 1689 by Melchior de Haze.
The Residence buildings were used by the prince archbishops from the 17th century onwards. Apart from being archbishops, they also held absolute power over Salzburg. The Residence Fountain is 15 metres high and the largest baroque fountain in the world. It was built between 1658 and 1661 and is made of marble from Untersberg - a mountain near Salzburg.
Its waterspouting horses reached world fame thanks to their appearance in the Sound of Music.

The film: "I have confidence in me" began on the Residence Square, with a very timid Maria boarding her bus for the Trapp family home. As she crossed the square, she splashed her hand through the water of the Residence fountain.




Rock Riding School SalzburgRock Riding School

History: For the construction of the cathedral rocks were cut out from the Moenchsberg. In 1693, Archbishop Johann Ernst von Thun decided to use this cavity in the mountain and turned it into a riding school in which tournaments were held. Today the Rock Riding School is a theatre and one of the open door venues situated in the Festival House. For bad weather or special effects it can be closed. The "real" von Trapp family sang here at a choir competition.

The film: One of the most famous scenes in the movie was filmed in this magificent theater: the "Edelweiss" song. An emotional Captain von Trapp was joined on stage by Maria as they sang their way to freedom.









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