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St. Peter's DistrictSt. Peter's District

History: St. Peter's District really is the oldest part of Salzburg. The first monks, headed by Saint Rupert, settled here. The rest of the city started to spread out slowly around the monastery. Today you still can see the catacombes cut in the rock of the Moenchsberg and originating from 1000 A.D.
St. Peter's cemetery is the oldest one in Austria still in use.
Only priests and monks were buried here up to the year 1454. The arcades around the cemetery are family vaults from the 17th century with various examples of local wrought iron work.

The film: Rolf's biggest scene in the movie, as he blows the whistle on the Trapp family. The confrontation between his earlier mentor, the captain and the gripping tension of the Trapp family in hiding between the tombstones of St. Peter's make it a must see here in Salzburg.


The UntersbergThe Untersberg

History: The Untersberg - a peak jutting 1,853 metres out of the Salzburg basin - offers a great view across the region. Climbing it takes more than two hours and should not be attempted without proper footware, windbreaker aas well as food and water provisions. Because there are some steep parts, you should not be afraid of heights.

The film: During the arial view of the entrance scene this is the outstanding peak of the Alps. It juts out behind Nonnberg Abbey seen from the old city and certainly one of the "hills, that are alive".



Leopoldskron PalaceLeopoldskron Palace

History: Leopoldskron Palace is the most beautiful rococo building in the Salzburg region. It was built in 1731 by Archbishop Leopold Count Firmian as a residence for his family. After 1837 - when the Firmian family sold the estate - the building changed owners many times. Leopoldskron was a gallery, then became property of a landlord and even the King of Bavaria can be found under the list of owners.

When famous writer Max Reinhardt, founder of the Salzburg Festival, bought it in 1918, it was in sad condition. Reinhardt renovated it, however, to its original beauty and used its garden for theater performances. Since 1958, Leopoldskron Castle is owned by the "Salzburg Seminar in American Studies", an institution that focuses on economy problems.

The film: Leopoldskron Palace is one of the most important buildings in the "Sound of Music" movie. This as the back facade of the Trapp home. Gretl nearly drowned when she fell out of the boat, the captain and the baroness broke up on the balcony and down on the terrace, Uncle Max gorged apple strudel. The baroness also featured her biggest scene when she played the ball game with the kids (which looked like lots of fun). The interior scenes were based on the inside facades of this palace but were rebuilt and filmed in the studios.






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