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Lake WolfgangseeSalzkammergut Lake District

History: The Fuschlsee (Lake Fuschl) is the first lake you reach when enter the Salzkammergut (Lake District) from Salzburg. It is said to be the clearest and cleanest of the Salzkammergut lakes and offers great and untouched beaches. One has to hike to get to the norther side of Fsuchlsee, which makes the area more remote and therefore popular with nudists. Before you reach teh village of Fuschl - a popular summer resort - you pass Fuschl Castle. It was built as a hunting palace for the archbishops of Salzburg in the 15th century and is a first-class hotel today.

The film: Aerial view



St. Gilgen at WolfgangseeSt. Gilgen

History: St. Gilgen and St. Wolfgang are situated on another popular lake of the Salzkammergut, the Wolfgangsee (Lake Wolfgang). Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's mother, Anna Pertl, was born in St. Gilgen which is why a little museum has been set up in the village center. The village of St. Wolfgang - with it's world famous lakeside restaurant "Weisses Rössl" (White horse) - is maybe the most beautiful, but also the most touristy spot in the region. However, the wonderful Gothic winged altarpiece, created by Michael Pacher, is a highlight in St. Wolfgang's Church.

The film: Schafsberg scene



Mondsee CathedralMondsee

History: The large cathedral that dominates the small village of Mondsee was once the heart of an important monastery. Founded in 748 A.D. on the ruins of a Roman settlement, it influenced the culture of the region for more than a thousand years. The oldest German translation of the Bible was written here - The Mondsee Matthew.
The basic Gothic structure of the cathedral was "modernized" in the 17th century. The baroque sculptures and altars were made by the famous sculptor Meinrad Guggenbichler. The monastery was dissolved in 1792. The properties belonging to it were given later to Napoleon I.

The film: The wedding scene in the Sound of Music was filmed here. Maria, led by Liesl, walked down the aisle to meet the Baron on front of the stairs of the main altar. The cathedral organ could be seen and heard during the wedding ceremony.







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