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Let us start with the beginning of this really extraordinary story. In 1963 Twentieth Century Fox sent scouts to Salzburg to plan filming the the Von Trapp Family story on location. The filming in Salzburg started in 1964. As flights and housing for over 250 crew members, technicians, camera men, stage hands as well as the actors were extremely expensive, the time-frame was limited to six weeks, but due to bad weather conditions, the filming took around 11 weeks after all.

During this time nobody dreamt that THIS special movie would one day become one of the most famous and successful films ever. After the premiere in 1965, the first fans from the US started coming to Salzburg, to visit the locations where the movie had been shot. As the Panorama Tours drivers had been involved in escorting the actors as well as the staff to the various places, they not only know the exact locations, but also lots of stories behind the making of this movie. At this time our sightseeing tour ORIGINAL SOUND OF MUSIC TOUR was born so we could share all this with you!

With us you can get all the inside information!

Our company, Salzburg Panorama Tours, is also really proud of the special friendship with the Trapp Family in Vermont and also with Rodgers & Hammerstein. Our tour is the officially presented tour on the official DVD and Blu-ray as well as on many other productions like "On Location" with Charmian Carr which was filmed in 2004, on occasion of the 40th anniversary of the movie.

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